Our Story

HEUBEL·SHAW has a long standing history when it comes to fighting the fight against breast cancer.

Our organization has worked to do our part in raising awareness and working with the community to contribute funds towards the cause. 100% of all money raised from 11 locations goes directly to our friends and partners in this fight- The American Cancer Society.  In the last five years alone, we have been able to give over $220,000, ranking HEUBEL·SHAW fundraising efforts with The American Cancer Society as 19th in the nation!

Every year, as our annual fundraising efforts begin, we sit and chat about prior years experiences. During these conversations we remember the fun that we have had while working to help so many, but this also brings up sobering thoughts concerning just how many people are affected by the struggle with cancer.  We move forward hoping that our efforts will make even one day easier for those fighting, or for those watching a loved one battle this illness. We recognize that with out your help, none of our events or efforts would be nearly as successful. So from the HEUBEL·SHAW family, and on behalf of all those we are striving to help - Thank You.

Could we do one event? Sure. 

Could we just write a check? Sure.

Could we do nothing? Sure.

But that is not who we are.

What we as an organization have accomplished has been unbelievable. It is  the very reason why we continue to do what we do. 

Thank you to everyone who has helped in organizing these events, volunteered, promoted, brought customers or vendors, donated, and took time our of their day to help us fight for a cause. None of this is possible without you.