Do You Know the Story?

The Pink Pallet Auction has turned into a National Campaign over the past 4 years with 5 dealerships under the Raymond umbrella participating to raise awareness and raise money for Breast Cancer Research. The Pink Pallet Jack Project was initiated in 2014 by Steve Raymond. Steve and his team were invited by local Greene, New York resident Shelly Howell to participate in a charity event benefiting the Tina Fund, a fund that Howell created in honor of her sister Tina Turner, who lost her courageous battle with breast cancer in 2011. Immediately after hearing about this and Steve's plans we followed suite. The Pink Pallet Auction has come to raise over $71,000 alone in the past 4 years.

 Our Winner....

Heubel Shaw's partnership with our customer Power Sales Advertising under Joe Rausch (KC Sales Rep) raised the bar this year bringing in $4,000.00 via Ebay.

Unmatched this was the highest bid to date across all dealers.

Matched our auction raised $8,000.00 to the cause.

On Saturday morning (48 hours before the end of the auction) - Joe and myself received an email and call from an employee at Power Sales - he was urgent, passionate, and willing to do whatever was necessary to win this Pink Pallet. His message stated only part of the story, but in short he would pay what was needed to have one of these in their warehouse. He was nervous he would loose and wanted to understand what we would do to assist.

When I finally was able to speak to this gentleman - I had to ask what was driving this urgency.

Sadly the Owner and CEO had just lost his sister to Breast Cancer, and as we spoke this young man's wife was facing her own battle. Something as simple as a pink painted 8210 made them feel better. They felt as if they were doing something - this machine spoke a language they understood and would be what helps them start something in house of their own. 

Everyone has a story. and that is why we continue to do what we do.

Breast cancer has touched the lives of many at Heubel Shaw, too. There are employees who have survived, friends and family members who have lost their battles and some that are fighting today.

 Special Thank You to Dan Johnson in St. Louis for your amazing custom paint work!!